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 Why train with us? 

You will save thousands of dollars! Personal training costs an average 300.00 a month for two half hour sessions a week. That is a dollar a minute! After only one year you will have spent $3600.00!  But Pro Club's yearly cost is only a fraction of that!

The choice is clear! 


Promethean Coaching benefits:

  • No hassle of scheduling an appointment
  • No charges for missed sessions 
  • Train as long as you want 
  • Train where you want
  • Train when you want
  • Obtain higher accountability - We monitor all your progress in real time.
  • Diet support


Above are some of our client's transformation photos demonstrating how they have succeeded on the Promethean Coaching LLC Program. Real people, real results! Question is...what are YOU waiting for? Enroll today!


As with all exercise programs, user assumes all risk. Promethean Coaching LLC is not liable for personal injury. Consult your physician prior to starting an exercise program.