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About Team Promethean

Team Promethean brings 32 years of coaching experience to our team. Our Team has helped hundreds of clients lose 100's of pounds and maintain their health. Our team specializes in weight management,  pain reduction, myofascial release and trigger point therapy.



Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)

Black Belt and Former Assistant Instructor Masters Studios Shaolin Kempo


Only 95.00 a month Non-recurring. Pay as you go. Month to Month.

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What do we do? And how does it work?

Promethean Coaching LLC provides world class Online Personal Training Services. 

Our service is delivered by a cutting edge mobile app, through which a custom fitness training program is delivered directly to you, the client. 

In this fully integrated app, the client completes custom workouts designed by a 5 STAR, Top Ten Ideafit ranked Certified Personal Trainer. 

The app will display HD videos of all exercises with detailed instructions. Our program has multiple phases of training to make sure you never stop making progress.

The client can track all reps, sets and workouts completed. The app also records body measurements and progress pictures to be stored and updated. Clients will see their progress in real time and see exactly how they are improving. 

After submitting your initial payment you will receive an email within 24 hours with a link to download the app. This is a live process, which allows for unprecedented support. After installing the app you can then set up your profile. A custom training plan, based upon your consultation responses will be built for you and attached to your profile.

Want to see an actual step by step? Watch this:

As with all exercise programs, user assumes all risk. Promethean Coaching LLC is not liable for personal injury. Consult your physician prior to starting an exercise program.